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Two Young Scientist Prizes will be awarded for the "Best Oral Presentation" and the "Best Poster Presentation".

Day One - June 25th, 2007 (Monday)

StartEndRoom 1Room 2Room 3Room 4
08:4509:00Opening Session
09:0009:40Experiments on Lagrangian Statistics in Intense Turbulence
H. Xu, N.T. Ouellette, H. Nobach and E. Bodenschatz (Germany/USA)
09:4510:45Session 1.1
Lagrangian dynamics in turbulence/inertial particles (I)
Session 2.1
MHD turbulence (I)
Session 3.1
Instability and transition (I)
Session 4.1
Wall bounded flows (I)
11:1512:55Poster flashingTutorial
14:1514:55Wall-Layer Models for Large-Eddy Simulations of High-Reynolds Number Non-Equilibrium Flows
U. Piomelli, S. Radhakrishnan, L. Zhong and M. Li (USA)
15:0016:20Session 1.2
Lagrangian dynamics in turbulence/inertial particles (II)
Session 2.2
MHD turbulence (II)
Session 3.2
Instability and transition (II)
Session 4.2
Wall bounded flows (II)
16:2016:50Coffee and Poster Session
16:5018:30Session 1.3
Lagrangian dynamics in turbulence/inertial particles (III)
Session 2.3
MHD turbulence (III)
Session 3.3
Instability and transition (III)
Session 4.3
Wall bounded flows (III)
19:00...Welcome Reception (Social Event)

Tutorial: Statistical tools for scaling in turbulence
Renzo Piva, Luca Biferale, Carlo Massimo Casciola and Guido Boffetta - Italy

StartEndRoom 4
11:1511:45SO(3) Analysis (Luca Biferale)
11:5012:20Scale-Energy Budget in Inhomogeneous Flows (C.M. Casciola)
12:2512:55An Introduction to Lagrangian Statistics in Turbulence (Guido Boffetta)

Day Two - June 26th, 2007 (Tuesday)

StartEndRoom 1Room 2Room 3Room 4
9:0009:40Two-Dimensional Turbulence on a Confined Domain with No-Slip Walls
G.J.F. van Heijst and H.J.H. Clercx (The Netherlands)
9:4510:45Session 1.4
Transport in quasi-2D-turbulence (I)
Session 2.4
Instability and transition (IV)
Session 3.4
Wall bounded flows (IV)
Session 4.4
Control of turbulent flows (I)
10:4511:15Coffee and Poster Session
11:1512:55Session 1.5
Intermittency and scaling (I)
Session 2.5
Instability and transition (V)
Session 3.5
Wall bounded flows (V)
Session 4.5
Vortex dynamics and structure formation (I)
14:1514:55Turbulence of Drag-Reducing Polymer Solutions
R. Piva, C.M. Casciola and E. De Angelis (Italy)
15:0016:20Session 1.6
Transport in quasi-2D-turbulence (II)
Session 2.6
Turbulence in multiphase and non-Newtonian flows (I)
Session 3.6
Wall bounded flows (VI)
Session 4.6
Vortex dynamics and structure formation (II)
16:2016:50Coffee and Poster Session
16:5018:30Session 1.7
Large eddy simulation and related techniques (I)
Session 2.7
Turbulence in multiphase and non-Newtonian flows (II)
Session 3.7
Wall bounded flows (VII)
Session 4.7
Vortex dynamics and structure formation (III)

Day Three - June 27th, 2007 (Wednesday)

StartEndRoom 1Room 2Room 3Room 4
9:009:40LES of Compressible Inert and Reacting Turbulent Shear Flows
R. Friedrich, S. Ghosh and I. Mahle (Germany)
9:4510:45Session 1.8
Reacting and compressible turbulence
Session 2.8
Acoustic of turbulent flows
Session 3.8
Transport and mixing (I)
Session 4.8
Large eddy simulation and related techniques (II)
11:1512:55Session 1.9
Lagrangian dynamics in turbulence/inertial particles (IV)
Session 2.9
Geophysical and astrophysical turbulence (I)
Session 3.9
Transport and mixing (II)
Session 4.9
Atmospheric turbulence (I)
14:1514:55Turbulent Modification of Upward Bubbly Channel Flow with Surfactant
T. Ogasawara, S. Takagi and Y. Matsumoto (Japan)
15:0016:20Session 1.10
Lagrangian dynamics in turbulence/inertial particles (V)
Session 2.10
Intermittency and scaling (II)
Session 3.10
Transport and mixing (III)
Session 4.10
Atmospheric turbulence (II)
16:5018:10Session 1.11
Lagrangian dynamics in turbulence/inertial particles (VI)
Session 2.11
Intermittency and scaling (III)
Session 3.11
Transport and mixing (IV)
Session 4.11
Stability and flow control
19:30...Conference Banquet (Social Event)

Day Four - June 28th, 2007 (Thursday)

StartEndRoom 1Room 2Room 3Room 4
9:009:40Transition and Transition Control in a Square Cavity
P.J. Schmid (France)
9:4510:45Session 1.12
Turbulence in multiphase and non-Newtonian flows (III)
Session 2.12
Atmospheric turbulence (III)
Session 3.12
Transport and mixing (V)
Session 4.12
Wall bounded flows (VIII)
11:1512:55Session 1.13
Geophysical and astrophysical turbulence (II)
Session 2.13
Large eddy simulation and related techniques (III)
Session 3.13
Transport and mixing (VI)
Session 4.13
Control of turbulent flows (II)
14:1514:55Progress in Large Eddy Simulation Modeling of Temporally and Spatially Complex Land-Atmosphere Interactions
C. Meneveau, V. Kumar, S. Chester and M.B. Parlange (USA)
15:0016:20Session 1.14
Geophysical and astrophysical turbulence (III)
Session 2.14
Atmospheric turbulence (IV)
Session 3.14
Transport and mixing (VII)
Session 4.14
Control of turbulent flows (III)
16:5017:10Closing Session

Posters (65)

Posters I: Acoustics of turbulent flows

  • Velocity and Wall Pressure Correlations Over a Forward Facing Step
    G. Aloisio, R. Camussi, A. Ciarravano, F. Di Felice, A. Di Marco, M. Felli, E. Fiorentini and F. Pereira

Posters II: Atmospheric turbulence

  • Time Evolution of Thorpe Profiles Corresponding to Atmospheric Soundings
    J.L. Cano Marchante and P. López González-Nieto
  • Divergent and Rotational Modes in Stratified Flows
    G. Brethouwer and E. Lindborg
  • On the Secondary Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability in a 3D Stably Stratified Mixing Layer
    D.M.V. Martinez, E.B.C. Schettini and J.H. Silvestrini

Posters III: Control of turbulent flows

  • Aerodynamic Flow Control of a Free Airfoil
    D.P. Brzozowski, J.R. Culp and A. Glezer
  • Performance of Reynolds-Averaged Turbulence Models for Unsteady Separated Flows with Periodic Blowing and Suction
    M. Yoshio and K. Abe
  • Turbulent Dissipation in Drag Reduced Flows
    B. Frohnapfel, J. Jovanović and A. Delgado

Posters IV: Instability and transition

  • Instabilities of a Barotropic Rotating Shear Layer
    A. Aguiar and P.L. Read
  • Nonlinear Development of Klebanoff Modes in a Laminar Boundary Layer
    P. Ricco and X. Wu
  • Primary Instability of a Rotating Spherical Couette Flow with a Radial Stratification and a Radial Buoyancy
    M. Jenny and B. Nsom
  • Onset of Turbulence in T-Jet Mixers
    E. Erkoç, R.J. Santos and J.C.B. Lopes
  • Transitional Flow in Annular Rotating Cavity
    E. Tuliszka-Sznitko and A. Zielinski
  • Nonlinear Evolution of the Zigzag Instability in a Stratified Fluid
    A. Deloncle, P. Billant and J.-M. Chomaz
  • Compressibility Effects in the Rayleigh-Taylor Instability for Miscible Fluids
    M.-A. Lafay, B. Le Creurer and S. Gauthier

Posters V: Intermittency and scaling

  • Instanton Theory of Turbulent Vorticity Fluctuations
    L. Moriconi
  • Closure for Anisotropic Homogeneous Turbulence as the Problem of Analytical and Scaling Properties of Spectral Tensors
    S.R. Bogdanov

Posters VI: Large eddy simulation and related techniques

  • On the Modelling of Subgrid-Scale Enstrophy Transfer in Turbulent Channel Flows
    G. Hauët, C.B. da Silva and J.C.F. Pereira
  • Group-Theoretical Model of Developed Turbulence and Renormalization of the Navier-Stokes Equation
    V.L. Saveliev and M. Gorokhovski
  • Scaling Properties of Subgrid-Scale Energy Dissipation in Large Eddy Simulations
    S.G. Chumakov
  • On Restraining the Convective Sub-Grid Scale Production in Burgers' Equation
    J. Helder and R. Verstappen
  • A LES-Langevin Model for Turbulence
    R. Dolganov, B. Dubrulle and J.-P. Laval
  • Quality Assessment of Inlet Boundary Conditions and Domain Size for Fully Compressible LES of Wall-Jet Turbulent Mixing
    G. Lodato, P. Domingo and L. Vervisch
  • Parametric Study of LES Subgrid Terms in Turbulent Phase Separation Flows
    J. Larocque, S. Vincent, D. Lacanette, P. Lubin, J.-P. Caltagirone and P. Sagaut
  • CVS of Turbulent Compressible Mixing Layers Using Adaptive Multiresolution Methods
    O. Roussel and K. Schneider
  • URANS and Seamless Hybrid URANS/LES: the Forced Turbulent Temporal Mixing Layer
    S. Carpy and R. Manceau
  • Thermal Boundary Layer Simulations Under Adverse Pressure Gradients
    G. Araya, K. Jansen and L. Castillo
  • A Multi-Scale, Multi-Domain Approach to Wall-Modelling for LES of High Reynolds Number Wall-Bounded Turbulence
    R. Akhavan and M. Haliloglu

Posters VII: MHD turbulence

  • RANS Modelling of Turbulent Flows Driven by a Travelling Magnetic Field
    P.A. Nikrityuk, K. Eckert and R. Grundmann
  • Direct Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Flow in Travelling Magnetic Fields
    K. Koal, J. Stiller and R. Grundmann
  • Turbulent Pipe Flow in a Transverse Magnetic Field: A Comparison Between PIV Measurement and DNS
    J. Takeuchi, S. Satake, T. Kunugi, T. Yokomine, N.B. Morley and M.A. Abdou
  • Direct Numerical Simulations of the Turbulent Hartmann Flow in Cylindrical Ducts
    I.E. Sarris, Y. Detandt, C. Toniolo, A. Viré, M. Kinet and D. Carati
  • Numerical Simulation of a Longitudinal Lorentz Force Flowmeter for Turbulent Flows in a Circular Pipe
    B. Knaepen, A. Thess, E. Votyakov and O. Zikanov
  • Experimental Investigation of Time-Dependent Flow Driven by a Travelling Magnetic Field
    A. Cramer, J. Pal, C. Zhang, S. Eckert and G. Gerbeth
  • A Non Local Shell Model for MHD Turbulence
    R. Stepanov and F. Plunian

Posters VIII: Reacting and compressible turbulence

  • Compressibility Effects on the Return to Isotropy of Homogeneous Anisotropic Turbulence
    M. Crespo, S. Jamme and P. Chassaing
  • Large Eddy Simulation of a Tunnel Fire Using Two Step Combustion Chemistry
    R.J.A. Howard, N. Peres, D. Toporov and A.C.M. Sousa
  • On Fast Chemical Reactions and Singular Vortices Advecting Multi-Scale Concentration Fields
    D. Martinand
  • Front Surfaces in Turbulent Premixed Flames
    G. Troiani, M. Marrocco and C.M. Casciola

Posters IX: Transport and mixing

  • Dispersion of Heavy Spheroidal Particles in 3D Turbulent-Like Flows
    A. Dominguez, P. Chhabra and H.J.H. Clercx
  • The Route Towards Isotropy in a Turbulent Jet
    M. Falchi and G.P. Romano
  • Experimental Study of Turbulence in a Counter-Rotating Flow
    R. Morris and T.B. Nickels

Posters X: Turbulence in multiphase and non-Newtonian flows

  • Stability of Upward and Downward Dusty-gas Flows in a Vertical Channel
    S.A. Boronin and A.N. Osiptsov
  • Effect of Cationic Surfactant, Linear Polymer Chain, and Their Complexes on Turbulent Wall Shear Stress
    A. Sirivat and S. Suksamranchit
  • Direct Computation of Liquid Sheets in a Compressible Gas Medium
    X. Jiang, G. Siamas and L. Wrobel
  • Effect of Bubbles on the Turbulence Modification in a Downward Gas-Liquid Pipe Flow
    O. Kashinsky, P. Lobanov, M. Pakhomov, V. Randin and V. Terekhov
  • One Equation Model for Turbulence Pipe Flow with Second Order Viscoelastic Corrections
    B. Sadanandan, R. Sureshkumar and F.T. Pinho

Posters XI: Vortex dynamics and structure formation

  • Formulation of the Settling Velocity of Small Particles Initially Situated Inside a Vortex
    U. Sánchez and M.J. Moreno-López
  • Transition Turbulence in a Laboratory Model of the Left Ventricle
    S. Fortini, G. Querzoli, M. Marchetti and A. Cenedese
  • Experimental Study of Wake Structure Associated with Reduced Base Drag Using POD and LSE
    V. Durgesh and J.W. Naughton
  • On Vorticity, Vortices and Material Lines in Turbulent Flow
    A. Helgeland, B. A. Pettersson Reif, Ř. Andreassen and C.E. Wasberg
  • Orthonormal Divergence-Free Wavelet Analysis of Cascading/Backscattering Process Around Coherent Structures
    K. Araki and H. Miura
  • Experimental Investigation of Forced and Unforced Instabilities on the Cold Flow of a Swirl Burner
    A. Lacarelle, C.O. Paschereit, D. Greenblatt and E.J. Gutmark
  • Quantifying Anisotropy in Stratified and Rotating Turbulence Using Orthogonal Wavelets
    L. Liechtenstein, W. Bos and K. Schneider
  • Variable Density Vortex Rings
    S. Benteboula and I. Danaila
  • Behavior of Flow Structures Inside a Round Buoyant Jet
    N. Sekishita and H. Makita

Posters XII: Wall bounded flows

  • High Spatial Resolution MCCDPIV in a Zero Pressure Gradient Turbulent Boundary Layer
    C.Y. Wong and J. Soria
  • Interaction of Quasi Two Dimensional Flow Field with Turbulent Boundary Layer as a Method of Investigating Drag Reduction of Polymer Additives
    G.D. Roumbas, E.G. Kastrinakis and S.G. Nychas
  • Structure and Mean-Velocity Profile of Pipe Flow
    M.H. Buschmann and M. Gad-el-Hak
  • Detection of Streamwise Vortices in a Turbulent Boundary Layer
    J. Lin, J.-P. Laval, J.-M. Foucaut and M. Stanislas
  • Upstream Condition Effects on the Anisotropy of Rough Favorable Pressure Gradient Turbulent Boundary Layers
    R.B. Cal, B. Brzek, G. Johansson and L. Castillo
  • Near-Wall Modeling of Compressible Turbulent Boundary Layers with Separation
    M. Petrovan Boiarciuc, C. Brun and M. Manhart
  • Numerical Investigation of Turbulent Boundary Layer Relaminarisation
    A.D.S. Borges, A. Silva Lopes and J.M.L.M. Palma
  • Turbulent Flow Over Different Groups of Cubical Obstacles
    S. Leonardi, I.P. Castro and P. Orlandi
  • LES of Transient Turbulent Flow in a Pipe
    S.Y. Jung and Y.M. Chung
  • Investigation of a Tripped Turbulent Boundary Layer Flow Using Time-Resolved Tomographic PIV
    A. Schröder, R. Geisler and D. Michaelis
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