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Grants: Participation, Living and Travelling Allowances

Thanks to the support of the European Commission, under the Marie Curie programme, 162 grants in total were awarded as a contribution to the travelling, living or participation expenses (via reduction of the conference fee) of many participants.

The type, number and exact amount of each grant was the following:

  1. Participation (100), 100 €, via reduction of the conference fee;
  2. Living (40), 300 €, to be handed to the participant, in currency at the conference desk;
  3. Travelling (22), 254 €, to be handed to the participant, in currency at the conference desk.

Rules and Instructions on how to apply are organized as a set of Frequently Asked Questions.


Type Available Awarded Still Available
Participation 100 100 0
Living Allowances 40 40 0
Travelling Allowances 22 22 0

Frequently Asked Questions

  Let us assume that I receive this maximum amount. Do I still have to pay the conference fee?
In such case you pay a conference fee reduced by 100 €. The amount corresponding to living and travelling allowances must be handed to you personally. These are the "rules of game", as set by the Marie Curie Programme. Furthermore, we as responsible for channelling this support to you, must be absolutely sure that this money is actually going to your pocket. Top
  Are there different status of researchers?
Yes. There are 3 different groups:
  • Group 1: Early stage researchers, i.e. PhD Students;
  • Group 2: Experienced researcher, with up to 10 years of experience, i.e. Postdocs;
  • Group 3: Experienced researcher, with more than 10 years of experience, who are nationals of Member States or Associate States and active outside these states at the time of ETC11, i.e. senior researchers.
If you want to know more, you can read the exact definitions as stated by the Marie Curie Programme in Top
  Can I know about the selection procedure?
Yes. Grants were awarded, provided the eligibility conditions were fulfilled, by the order of arrival. Top
  In case of successful application, how shall I proceed?
  • In case of participation grants, you simply pay the reduced fee.
  • Travelling and living allowances will be awarded (in currency) at the conference desk. Top

Additional Procedures (to be held in Porto, at the conference desk)

All awardees must hand to the secretariat copies of the documents sent by email at the time of their applications. The recipients of travelling or living expenses will be asked to proof their identity via valid identity card or passport, and sign the appropriate receipts, before receiving any currency.

Grants: Full Results List (Last update: 2007/03/14 @ 09:10 GMT)
Name Country Participation Living Travelling
A M S Abo El-Azm United Kingdom YES YES -
Abolfazl Shiri Sweden YES - -
Akkermans, R.A.D The Netherlands YES YES YES
Alessandro Pecenko The Netherlands YES - -
Amadeu D. Silva Borges Portugal YES - -
Amjed Abdul Hamed Mohammed Germany YES - -
Ana Claudia Barbosa Aguiar United Kingdom YES - -
Anders Holstad Norway YES - -
Andrea Bistagnino Italy YES YES -
Arnaud Lacarelle Germany YES - -
Artur Tyliszczak Poland YES YES YES
Axel Deloncle France YES - -
Barri, Mustafa Norway YES - -
Bokhoven, L.J.A. van The Netherlands YES YES YES
Carlos Rodrigues Portugal YES - -
Carlos Silva Portugal YES - -
Carlos Silva Santos Portugal YES - -
Chong Wong Australia YES YES YES
Cieslik, Andrezej The Netherlands YES YES YES
Claudio Viotti Italy YES YES YES
Denis Martinand France YES - -
Dmitri Gendler Fishman Israel YES YES -
Duran Matute, M. The Netherlands YES - -
Elena Sanz France YES YES -
Elka Lobutova Germany YES - -
Enrico Calzavarini The Netherlands YES - -
Filippo De Lillo Germany YES - -
Florent Ravelet The Netherlands YES YES YES
Francisco Fontenele Araujo The Netherlands YES - -
Frederic Schwander United Kingdom YES YES -
Frohnapfel, Bettina Germany YES YES YES
Geert Keetels The Netherlands YES YES YES
Guillermo Araya United States YES YES YES
Gwenael Hauet Portugal YES - -
Hiroki Yatou Japan YES - -
Inga Mahle Germany YES - -
Jeremy Pinier United States YES YES YES
Jori Ruppert-Felsot France YES YES -
Jose Carlos Lopes da Costa Portugal YES - -
Joseph Nichols France YES - -
Julie Marie Ausseur United States YES YES YES
Jung, Seo United Kingdom YES YES -
Jurriën Olsman The Netherlands YES YES YES
Kazuyasu Sugiyama The Netherlands YES - -
Kentaro Kanatani Japan YES - -
Kristina Koal Germany YES YES YES
Krzysztof Mizerski Poland YES - -
Lara Vozella Italy YES YES -
Laurent Chevillard United States YES - -
Lena Zuchowski United Kingdom YES YES -
Lydia Bourouiba Canada YES - -
Manuel Baptista Portugal YES - -
Manuel Garcia Villalba Germany YES YES -
Marc-Antoine Lafay France YES - -
Marcelo Chamecki United States YES - -
Marco Martins Afonso Israel YES YES YES
Marco Tizzi Italy YES YES -
Marine Peyrot France YES - -
Markus Holzner Switzerland YES - -
Marleen van Aartrijk The Netherlands YES YES -
Mathieu Gibert France YES - -
Matthieu Crespo France YES - -
Michele Iovieno Italy YES YES -
Murat Tutkun Sweden YES - -
Neelakantan Saikrishnan United States YES YES YES
Noele Peres Portugal YES - -
Olaf Marxen United States YES - -
P. Denissenko United Kingdom YES YES YES
P.J. Staplehurst United Kingdom YES - -
Pedro Areal Portugal YES - -
Peter Bailey The Netherlands YES - -
Peter Moore The Netherlands YES YES YES
Philippe-E. Roche France YES YES -
Pierre A Ricco United Kingdom YES - -
Pilar Gonzalez-Nieto Spain YES - -
Prangchira Kewcharoenwong United Kingdom YES YES -
Ralph Savelsberg United Kingdom YES - -
Razafindralandy, Dina Germany YES - -
Ricardo Santos Portugal YES - -
Richard Howard Portugal YES - -
Romain Monchaux France YES - -
Roman Chertovskih Portugal YES - -
Rudie Kunnen The Netherlands YES YES -
Sabrina Carpy France YES - -
Sebastian Große Germany YES YES YES
Seoud, Richard E United Kingdom YES - -
Sergei Chumakov United States YES - -
Sergey Boronin Russia YES YES YES
Shirai Katsuaki Germany YES - -
Simone Ferrari Italy YES - -
Stefania Scarsoglio Italy YES YES -
Stefano Berti Finland YES - -
Stefano Musacchio Israel YES YES YES
Tarek A. Yousef United Kingdom YES - -
Thomas Albrecht Germany YES - -
Tobias M. Schneider Germany YES - -
Valentina Dore Italy YES - -
Werner Kramer The Netherlands YES YES YES
Wouter Bos France YES YES -
Yoann Gasteuil France YES - -

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